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Precision Process - Software and Controls

Hoist Scheduling Upgrade

Precision Process provides exceptional control systems for a variety of wet processes. Our experienced team of electrical engineers can upgrade existing machines with reliable scheduling and data collection software.

Automotion Suite: Interfacing with the machine

The Automotion Suite provides general purpose as well as industry and machine-specific interfaces for electroplating and wet processing equipment.

Precision Process's Automotion Suite is a software application designed to harness the full power of Windows™. The Suite is compatible with most versions of Windows, including XP and 7. The software controls and monitors automatic hoist systems (rack and barrel processing), reel to reel (R2R) electroplating lines (stampings, connectors, etc.), wide web electroplating systems (coil, strip material), and wire cleaning/electroplating lines.

Automated wet process control systems can be configured with built-in touch screen controls mounted directly on the machining equipment. Monitors can be mounted to the machine frame, or mounted to swivel-type arms for easy viewing.

Remote consoles are available, to house the computer and monitor. Consoles may be configured as "stands", typically located adjacent to load/unload areas. Or, they may include a complete table with printer stand and work area for report studying and other paperwork.

Machine-specific interfaces include: hoist, reel to reel (R2R), high-speed wire, wide web process (roll to roll), and manual wet benches.

Robust reporting tools for your electroplating processes include:

  • Historical trending
  • Batch reporting
  • Event logging
  • Third party SPC compatibility
  • Open database formats (Access, SQL Server, ODBC)