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Precision Process - Solar, flex circuits

Excellite EXP

Excellite EXPDesigned for production applications, the new EXP series has the smallest, most efficient layout design in the industry. EXP uses a tri-axis automated robot wafer transport system that allows all chemical processes in the rear and all rinsing in the front. This design results in a footprint half the length of conventional linear systems, saving valuable clean room floor space. The EXP transporter is clean, fast, smooth, and accurate in positioning fragile wafers. EXP is available in single or multiple robot configurations.

Tool features

  • Automatic or manual operations
  • 50-300 mm wafer capability
  • Optimized compatibility to cross-stream tools
  • Modular design for individual configuration
  • High throughput using continuous wafer transport
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Single side wet processing technology
  • Vertical, face-up, or face-down configurations
  • Inert, dimensionally stable anodes for constant cell relationship
  • Fully adjustable solution flow
  • Adjustable anode to cathode distance
  • Automatic metal and additive replenishment systems
  • No intermediate transport change
  • Heated dragout rinse
  • Quick dump rinse air aspirator
  • DI water spray gun
  • Nitrogen spray gun.
  • Microprocessor-based controls for heat, time, filtration, and fill/dump cycles
  • Touch screen, data acquisition, and real-time trending options
  • External carboy dump tanks for waste
  • Resin-based reclaim systems for precious metals

Industries Served

  • Solar / photovoltaics
  • Microelectronics
  • MEMS
  • CMOS
  • Back-end wafer fabrication