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Wide Web (roll to roll) plating tools and other wet processes processing for the plating industry

roll to rollPrecision Process designs and builds high speed horizontal and vertical wide web processing equipment for webs from 12 microns to 2 millimeters thick.

Our modular systems arrive complete with wiring, plumbing, exhaust, controls, and other services, reducing installation time at your plant. Further, we assemble these wide web systems from materials specifically selected to perform in your processing environment, keeping your productivity up and your maintenance costs down.

Download the The Excellite FSP brochure, a roll to roll, continuous strip system designed principally for flex circuits, RFID, and photovoltaic solar cells while having a variety of other electronics and metal finishing applications.

Key features of our wide web processing tools include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Fast, accurate web positioning
  • Precise, backlash-free actuator and DC servomotor
  • Durable construction and reliability
  • Optional servo-center available to speed setup and threading
  • All standard sensors can be used for edge, center, or line guiding
  • Optional mounting brackets and stands
  • Custom designs available upon request
  • Material handling and transport equipment for continuous horizontal and vertical coil-to-coil lines
  • Vertical strip machines with integral solution sumps to minimize plumbing.
  • Horizontal strip machines constructed with robust, corrosion resistant materials for the sinker roller frames
  • Modular designs that allow shipment in sections complete with wiring, plumbing, exhaust, controls, and other services, which results in reduced installation time at your plant
For material handling, we design pay-offs and take-ups, accumulators, edge guiders, and helper drives with user friendly controls, that regulate speed, torque, acceleration, and deceleration.