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Excellite BCP

Excellite BCPA Fully Integrated Inline Cell Production Line

In the cell production process, the wafer, or silicon substrate, passes through a range of sophisticated process steps: saw-damage removal, etching/acid texturing, doping steps, anti-reflection coating, metallization, edge isolation and annealing. Precision Process’ Excellite BCP inline cell production line is based on a modular concept; each module is an individual, independent process step. These inline cell production lines cover all cell processing steps.

Precision Process’ inline wet processing experience is the basis for significantly low breakage rates. A conveying system suitable for all standard sizes guarantees smooth processing of even the thinnest wafers. This highly modular system allows a tight adaptation to customers’ individual plant configurations.

Excellite BCP stands for Belt Cell Plate – face up plating – at rapid speed.

The Excellite series by Precision Process are proven production plating tools

For sophisticated semiconductor or solar cell metallization, our high volume production platform uses a proven plating method to deposit various metals including Ni, Cu, Sn, or Ag on seed layers. Enhanced liquid flow and electrical field control ensure a homogenous deposition at the highest plating rates. The plating tools operate automatically and can be installed in inline environments as well as ballroom layouts.